Top 10 Maternity Essentials You Can’t Live Without During Pregnancy


#1 Pregnancy Pillow

I got a big pregnancy pillow for Christmas which was very soon after we found out we were expecting. I didn’t use it for a while, just because I was still sleeping well and feeling pretty comfortable. Now that I am well into the second trimester, I cannot live without this thing! It hugs me in all the right places and helps me stay as comfortable as possible when I sleep.

Once my bump started to grow, around week 10 I’d say, I started feeling uncomfortable laying on my side because I felt like my belly wasn’t supported. I ended up ordering this pillow wedge and really love using it. I don’t use it every night, it’s more of an “as-needed” item, but I have needed it pretty often!

#2 Body Oil

If you haven’t started using anything to prevent stretch marks, I recommend this body oil. It was recommended to me by several of my mama friends and they all swear it’s the reason they never developed stretch marks. Of course, stretch marks are sometimes unavoidable due to genetics, and they are a beautiful mark of the miracle our bodies go through! But, if you are wanting something to help avoid them, you should try this oil. One of my friends was kind of skeptical, but she started not using it as much in her second pregnancy and noticed a stretch mark or two. So she is definitely a believer now!

#3 Maternity Leggings

These maternity yoga pants were my very first maternity purchase. I felt uncomfortable in my regular pants pretty early on, so I grabbed a pair and started wearing them even before people knew I was pregnant! Luckily it was December/January so I was wearing a sweatshirt almost every day and you couldn’t tell. I also wear these maternity leggings very often!

#4 Divi Scalp Serum

I was already using Divi periodically (definitely not as consistently as I should!) before, but when I found out I was pregnant I started using it more. I have already noticed a difference in some areas I was noticing thinner hair, and I really think this will help me be proactive against postpartum hair loss.

#5 Comfortable Shoes

As your body goes through various changes during pregnancy, it’s important to prioritize your comfort, and that includes your footwear. I am extremely picky about shoes, and I was starting to feel like my feet hurt no matter what I wear. That was until I finally purchased a pair of New Balances! These sneakers are a total game-changer. They are designed to provide support, stability, and cushioning, all of which are essential when you’re carrying extra weight!

#6 Pregnancy Safe SPF

Wearing sunscreen daily is very important whether you are pregnant or not. I have been using this tinted SPF for over a year and it is my favorite! Make sure you are taking care of your skin, mama!

#7 Maternity Underwear

This one might seem weird, but very soon into my pregnancy I started to notice that my regular underwear was tight on my belly right where the baby is, and I ordered this pack of maternity underwear on Amazon. They are really low-cut, so they don’t bother my growing belly at all. I feel way less restricted wearing these!

#8 Vaseline

Vaseline has been saving my lips while pregnant! No one told me that my lips would be so dry and cracked. Regular chapstick does not cut it anymore, but Vaseline does the trick.

#9 Prenatal Vitamin

Prenatal Vitamins are a non-negotiable during pregnancy, as any healthcare provider will tell you! I tried a few different ones while we were trying to get pregnant because they say it’s good to start taking them if you plan to be pregnant soon. I ended up switching to One A Day Prenatal soon after finding out we were expecting. I like that they are a trusted brand and are jam-packed with the ingredients my body needs during pregnancy. I will say, most prenatal vitamins will make you nauseous if you don’t make sure you eat something with them. I take mine at night right before bed to avoid this!

#10 Maternity Jeans

Truthfully, I opt for dresses over pants any chance I get because they are much more comfortable during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. However, it’s always nice to have a pair of maternity jeans for when you want them. I recommend this pair – they are such a cute wash I want them in non-maternity! They’ve got a comfortable belly band, especially for the earlier pregnancy days when I was outgrowing regular jeans but not necessarily “bumping” yet.

What Did I Miss?

What are your pregnancy must-haves? This is such a fun, exciting time but it is also filled with challenges and these things have helped me tremendously during this journey! Comment below if you have something to add to this list!


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