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A Complete Guide For Taking The Ultimate Babymoon Trip in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach

We just got back from our babymoon and it was the BEST trip we have taken in a long time! It was so nice to get away and spend some quality time together before we are joined by our little third wheel in July. We cannot wait to bring our baby girl back to the beach with us and show her all of the places we love. We were honored to be hosted by Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism so I’m excited to share with you my complete guide for taking the ultimate babymoon trip in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach!

The Ultimate Babymoon Trip in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach: WHERE WE STAYED

The Beach Club Resort and Spa

We stayed at The Beach Club Resort and Spa and we highly, highly recommend it! The Beach Club, as well as Turquoise Place (another favorite of ours!), is operated by Spectrum Resorts. The Beach Club offers a quiet, private experience. We felt like we had the beach to ourselves and the pools were never crowded. It is located down Fort Morgan Road, so we had about a 20-minute drive to anything we decided to do, which isn’t bad. It was so nice being in a more quaint spot compared to the more popular beach resorts and enjoying our more secluded area!

The Beach Club is perfect for the whole family. They have multiple pools, including a heated indoor pool, plus an arcade room with Xboxes, and a workout facility.

We really enjoyed being able to walk down to the Clubhouse and get a snack or a drink while we lounged by the pool. The staff is so friendly and attentive! We felt like royalty during our time as guests.

Prenatal Massage

It would not be a proper babymoon without a prenatal massage for Mama! The spa at The Beach Club is really nice and right on the property. The therapist I saw was named Alisha, and she did an amazing job of making me feel relaxed and comfortable! The massage was amazing – I definitely recommend booking one if you go!

The Ultimate Babymoon Trip in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach: WHERE WE ATE

There are countless restaurants to choose from in the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach area, and you really cannot go wrong! We kept talking about how much we enjoyed the food on this trip. We got to try several restaurants we had not been to before, which is always fun on vacation!

Hog Wild BBQ

We have passed Hog Wild BBQ several times on our way to the beach but never stopped in, and man, were we missing out! They have tons of gluten-free options that are specified on their menu. BBQ nachos are one of my favorite meals so I was thrilled to see that they were gluten-free! Michael got a brisket taco and a shrimp taco and said both were delicious. We will definitely be back!


On our first night at the resort, we ate at Coast and both ordered a pound of Royal Reds. We have not stopped talking about how amazing they were! Peel-and-eat shrimp is our favorite thing to get when we’re at the beach, and I think Coast takes the cake for the best ones we’ve ever had.

This was the view from the balcony at Coast – this restaurant is right on the property at The Beach Club so that is one of the pools we hung out at during the day! It was such a romantic dinner with this beautiful view.

Southern Grind Coffeehouse

On Thursday morning, we went to breakfast at The Southern Grind Coffeehouse at The Wharf. We had been there for coffee before, but we had never ordered food. We both got this avocado egg breakfast and it was incredible! Super yummy, fresh ingredients. We met the owner and he was a really cool guy, and his wife (a former interior designer) is the one responsible for how CUTE the store is!

Sunliner Diner

On Friday morning, we went to Sunliner Diner for brunch. We fell in love with this place immediately. It’s designed like a retro 50s diner, and the waitresses are even dressed the part. The menus look like old newspapers from the 50s with fun trivia and facts about what Gulf Shores was like during that time period. I ordered a classic breakfast and Michael got chocolate chip waffles. The waitress offered me some gluten-free bread, too. I didn’t see it on their menu, so make sure you ask them about gluten-free options since they do have them! We were told they have amazing milkshakes, so we are already planning to stop in for some on our next trip to the beach.

The Ultimate Babymoon Trip in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach
The Ultimate Babymoon Trip in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach


After our sunset cruise (read more about that below!) we went for a late dinner at Lulu’s. Lulu’s is a familiar favorite for us because they have a VERY extensive allergy-friendly menu. They have 2 full pages of gluten-free options in their allergy-friendly menu. I usually go for the grilled shrimp tacos, and Michael gets the crab melt. They also offer gluten-free chips and queso, which will always be a major win in my book!

The one thing about Lulu’s to be prepared for is the long wait. They are extremely popular so it’s normal to expect a wait for a table. However, there is a ton to do to pass the time! They have activities for kids including ropes courses, cornhole, and other games. There is usually live music playing. They also have a big gift shop for grabbing a souvenir or two. There is an arcade as well, plus so much more!

Picnic Beach

The morning we left the beach, we stopped at Picnic Beach for a quick lunch before heading home. They have such a cute spot right in the middle of the most popular part of the beach, known to locals as the “T”. Their menu indicates which items are gluten-free, and their manager was so attentive making sure every table was happy with their food! She even offered to take a photo of us with their swing photo-op.

The Ultimate Babymoon Trip in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach: WHAT WE DID

It wouldn’t be a beach trip without one rainy weather day, right?! I feel like every time I go on vacation, the forecast calls for rain at least one of the days. We decided not to let a little rain steal a whole day of our trip, so we found some fun things to do indoors!

Custom Bath Products with High Cotton Bath Company

This was such a fun experience and you HAVE to try it on your next trip. At High Cotton, you can create your own custom bath product with your own personal fragrance. They have several products to choose from that are all-natural, plus tons of different scents to mix together to create something unique. I ended up creating a whipped hand cream that smells amazing. I created the scent using their pre-made list of recommendations and mine was called Peace. The best part is, they save all of your information on file so you can easily re-order your favorites!

The shopping at High Cotton is also really great! They have so many little gift ideas from candles to pajamas. You can easily find the perfect souvenir to remember your trip!

The Ultimate Babymoon Trip in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach

The Pantry

While we were at The Wharf, we stopped into The Pantry for some snacks to take back to our room! They have lots of gluten-free treats which made me so happy. We specifically picked up some buttermilk biscuits made by Guncles (a familiar favorite for us, since they are baked locally in Mobile!) that were life-changing. I have not had a biscuit since going gluten-free so I was very excited when we found them. We also picked up some chicken salad and potato salad to enjoy back in our room at The Beach Club. Both were delicious! Chef David Pan keeps The Pantry stocked with fresh, house-made items, making it a must-stop location during your time at The Wharf.

Private Picnic with The Beach Moms

If Michael and I are being totally honest, this was our favorite part of the entire trip. We had originally planned for a picnic on the beach with The Beach Moms, but due to bad weather, they graciously moved our picnic inside our condo so we wouldn’t miss out completely. We went for a walk on the beach while they set up our room, and we were honestly not expecting what we saw when we walked in from the beach. I legitimately cried when I walked in and saw this setup! We enjoyed the most intimate, romantic date night sitting on the floor talking about our life, how we will be celebrating 4 years of marriage next month, and welcoming our baby girl into the world a month after that. This picnic experience was truly a gift to us and we highly recommend booking with The Beach Moms during your next trip to the Alabama beaches. Check out their Instagram here!

I also want to note that not only do I have a gluten allergy, but I also am pregnant so The Beach Moms were working with several food restrictions. They created a spread that I thoroughly enjoyed and felt safe eating! Nadine was the sweetest person. She set all of this up while we were out and then encouraged us to enjoy a sunset on the beach while she cleaned everything up and put our room back together. It was a 10/10 experience all around!

Sunset Cruise with Sail Wild Hearts

On the last night of our trip, we enjoyed a sunset cruise with Sail Wild Hearts. This was the first time I had ever been on a sailboat like this! It was huge and had a really nice indoor area with comfortable seating. They offered snacks like fruit, chips, and salsa, as well as soft drinks and water. You are also allowed to bring your own cooler with snacks and drinks. The entire boat ride was about 2 hours. There is a restroom on the boat, which earned them major bonus points with this preggo!

& that’s a wrap on the best trip ever!

I hope this post was helpful if you are planning a beach trip in the near future! The Alabama beaches are home to us, so we may be a little biased, but they are one of our favorite places on Earth. If you are planning a babymoon soon, I can’t recommend a sweeter spot! We made so many fun memories that we can’t wait to share with our baby girl when she arrives in a few months.


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